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newbie alert!!!!!!!!

Strangest thing... I followed the happy vibes & I was guided here ^.~ YAY!!! *group hug*

1)i found out the horror that was my English paper isn’t worth marks after all YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYY *loosens noose*
2)DIANA caught me in the middle of a mad KYO image search & she's like "THAT IS SALSA HOT" YES now i have a valid excuse to bring up Dir en grey every 2 secondsat school now *evil grin*
3)i finally got to exchange more than a smile with my crush of the weekhe who shall remain nameless... HE DOES NOTICE MEEEEE WOOOT *hopes 1 day she will be able to base all 3good things on him* ^__^

ohsiriusly GIRL, you are gonna go down in history for this comm me lufffs it & me lufffs you <3333 don't forget me when you become a super famous lj starlight hehe
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